Connection with Survey Master app

Hello, I’m Emlid customer and I have three GNSS receiver RS2, RS2+ and RS. I want to connect my receivers with a third party app like Survey Master. RS2 and RS+ connected successfully but RS2+ has problems I don’t know how to fix it can anyone help me?.

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Curious, is Survey Master free as it shows on website? Or is this a limited demo?

Maybe it has a generic NMEA driver for RS2+?

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Old link with maybe useful info or not?

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It’s free, I have used it for about 2 years and I am very satisfied with it, so I would like to use it with the new GNSS receiver as well.

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Yes, they are very useful, but as you can see in the photo, I have no accuracy at all. So I don’t know that could be the problem

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You may need to share your Survey Master connection settings used for better help.

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This is a really old one and my current devices do not work with SM.
Sadly, cant help with this one.

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Are the settings the exact same as your other 2 emlid receivers?

Do you have the correct datum and ellipsoid???

Are you in china? If not you need to select the correct coordinate system for your area / region.

Sure, with the same device connected on RS2 and working well, but on RS2+ don’t work.

Hi Nderim,

Have you tried using the Lefebure NTRIP client app to set up the connection? The workflow is described in this guide. Was it of any help?


That is probably the trick or workaround :wink:

Hello, It seems that GNSS Reach RS2+ has had an IP conflict with the app. After I received both RS2+ and RS2, I offered them close and started to connect with the same phone, then it starts to work well.

Thank you for your help


Hi @nderimhamza93,

Glad it’s working now! Thanks for the update.

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Sure would be nice to know the secret to get Emlid receivers to connect and work with Survey Master.

I gave up along with @TB_RTK trying to get them to work without any luck.

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Hi @timd1971,

It should work as described in this guide for the Android apps that support receiving NMEA position via Bluetooth. You’ve probably already checked this, but just in case.

And perhaps @nderimhamza93 can share the secret to success.


It works fine for me with this version or lower

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Latest v3.0.5 does not work.

No NMEA Device option. It’s like they removed any firm of NMEA, so cannot use other brands/models besides their own ComNav.

I will try again later to see if can connect via Bluetooth which may be the problem.

Could you use it fully? I heard some apps like Tersus Nuwa limit the number of points you can survey or stakeout?

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