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Hi, i’m wondering if there are some updated examples to connect to the Reach with socketio?

Hi @darellon,

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Why do you want to use Socket.IO? Maybe, there’s another way to get the results you want to achieve.

Hi @liudmila.slepova,
thanks for your prompt response.
we have a custom drone payload for research purposes and would like to integrate some functionality/info of the M2 into our own UI to make the usability easier. We had been using web scraping before but it is a little unreliable. Sadly an API is not yet available to communicate with your devices, right?
Is there any information on the socketio messages being passed from the front to the backend and vice versa? Once we have that information we would certainly also publish our work to the community.

Hi @darellon,

Yes, that’s correct.

Let me double-check this for you.

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@liudmila.slepova any news? :grimacing:

Hi @darellon,

Sorry for the delayed reply!

It appears that there are no options we can provide for you at this time. API access is not open for public access.

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