Connection Via udp


I am using navio 2. I wrote telem1 as tcp: and connected succesfully. But when i tried to connect via udp:, i can not connect Mission Planner.

Also i tried ros adjustement but because of this( can not connect via udp) i can not complite this step( step presented on picture)

You need specify the target (GCS) IP address for UDP, not the RPis IP address.

Hi @unal.huseyin63,

What IP address did you use when specifying telem1? Did Sebastian’s advice help you?

Yes, his advice helped. Thanks to you all.

After connecting Via udp i take this error

I tried to update and install geographiclib extentions but while it said intalling i took this error.

Hi @unal.huseyin63,

Could you check if the network your Raspberry Pi is connected to has Internet access?

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