Connection to RX works, but not possible to measuer a point

Hi there,
I am using 2 different ReachRX with several smartphones. on one of the (older) phones (Samsung Galaxy A5), I have troubles to connect to each of the ReachRX.
I can connect (I can see the the details via Status like coordinates, PDOP, num of satellites, correction, etc. and I can also shut down the ReachRX or make it flashing). But, when I would like to measure a point in a project (eg. blue “+” button), it’s not possible since in that menu, measurement is not active (grayed instead of blue).
I have already tried to shut down and restart, to us it with and without RTK, but I struggle…
Does anyone have the same issue? some ideas how to resolve?

Hi @roxxy,

Can you give me a screenshot of this issue? We’ll be sure to figure it out!

Please check if you’re using the latest version of the Emlid Flow and Android OS.