Connection to Rtk correction problems

I’ve connected for a few seconds to RTK Network but it has not more worked.
I received the messages:

  • Connecting…

  • Source table received

  • Recv error (114)

  • Recv error (104)

What’s wrong?


To which network are you trying to connect?
How is your Reach connected to the Internet?

Please post your settings and more information about the NTRIP caster.

The network is Swipos.
Reach is connected to the hotspot of Huawei.
Here you can see the sscreenshot of Emlid App.

Waiting for your answer.

Hi Stefano,

Does your Reach RS have a valid single position at this moment?

Some network operators block mobile hotspot connections, could you please try the same with Wi-Fi network?

We have customers using swipos with Reach RS and it works great! There should be some small issue in the configuration that we are missing.

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Hi Igor

Now it’s working.

Which is the best set up and where can i find the instructions to make measurement and to export the data?

Best Regards

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The most basic steps is covered in the Doc section

For anything els, just leave a guestion here :slight_smile:

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