Connection RS2+ to external UHF radio to communicate with Cat D6T Dozer running Trimble Gear

I’m looking for information on which Radio I need to connect to my Cat Dozer which is running Trimble equipment at 900Mhz .

I want to connect an external radio through the RS232 port and brodcast corrections to the dozer.

You won’t be able to broadcast corrections to the dozer via radio like you would with an on -site base but if you have a SIM in the machine you can do NTRIP. That would require data access at the base as well so you would need something on site or you could set it up at a location within 40-50km of the site. I setup a base at my house and broadcast through my home Wifi.

What I have been told by SItech which is my local Trimble Machine control supplier is that there should be a radio that I can connect to that would broadcast to the dozer, not directly from the RS2 but through a Trimble radio that would connect to the RS2 via the RS232 port. If that’s not the case then what modem part number do I need on the dozer to NTRIP it?

I know you can connect an external antenna but i’m not familiar with that method. I used Topcon but somebody else on here might be more familiar.

For NTRIP on the dozer it depends on the screen you have. Most of the newer ones already have a modem so you would just need a SIM card and service, but if it’s an older screen you might have to get a modem as well.

What specific model numbers of trimble equipment are you using. Trimble is very picky to connect to and they change the rules depending on the generation or use of equipment you have. For example an agricultural receiver or modem is locked from connecting to construction equipment,

Your connection options will be outlined in the owners manual for the GPS guidance system that you have equipped.

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