Connection REACH M+ to Sony Alpha camera setup

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I am new user of Reach M+ and try to make it work with Sony Camera Alpha 6000 using Emlid camera adapter but was not succesful.
I went through the documents several times but it did not help.
I am wondering is any setup we have to do on the camera to make work.

The Sony A6000 camera adapter will work for Sony Rx0 …?

Hi @hussam.nagui,

Can you clarify your issue, please?
Can you see events in the Camera tab of ReachView while testing?

@juanluischq, no, it can only be integrated with cameras with hotshoe.

What would be alternative solutions …?

For PPK usages you need sub-ms timing. This is only achievable by triggering like through hotshoe or a PC-sync. To my knowledge, the RX0 has neither.

I am trying to setup trigger the Camera from Reach M+ and not successful.
I have been told that the Hot Shoe adapter is not for triggering, but for getting a feedback from camera shutter during flight.
But in the document of Rech M+ in Camera Control sector it is written it should trigger the Camera.

I do not understand what you mean with RX0

Sony model RX0

You will have several problems using the RX0:

  • You need to make an event-mark in the M+ for each shot you do. That is where one usually would use the hotshoe-adapter or a sync-port. This event need to be consistent down to under 1 ms, and maybe even faster for a fixed-wing. But without the possible to trigger the events in the M+, you’re pretty much out of luck. Synchronizing clocks are not precise enough.
  • Next you need to be able to trigger the camera. In your case I would probably just set the camera to continously shoot, if possible. Another option could the Sony LANC interface. I know there are different electronic boards that can do PWM -> LANC conversions, so you can trigger from your flight-controller.

I see why you would use the RX0, but without knowing when it takes a picture, you are out of luck.

Did you search the forum for A6000 ? There are old threads regarding this.

You need to buy/do cable for triggering your camera. It’s not possible to do it with hotshoe.
Also, you can use the timelapse app on A6000. In that case, there’s no need in such cable.

Thanks Andrew

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