Connection QGroundControl via iOS App

from iPad to Navio2/Raspi3B+ doesn’t work, endless waiting for connection, does anybody know why?

Hi @masterklause,

Which type of connection did you try?

Hi, I just started the app on the iPad an waited for connection.

Both the ipad and the navio2/Raspi3B+ were in the same WLAN network.


Hi Klaus,

Have you specified iPad’s IP address in /etc/default/arducopter file?

Aaaah, that’s it :wink:
Is it possible to specify two or more IP adresses in this file, e.g. if I want to use one time the iPad and the other time the PC?


Yes, it’s possible. You can specify the second IP address as another TELEM. For example:

TELEM1="-A udp:<PC_IP_address>:14550"
TELEM2="-C udp:<iPad_IP_address>:14551" 

Note, that you also may need to configure Serial parameters in QGroundControl. For -C option, use SERIAL1 parameters.

You can read more about launching options in our docs.

Also, you’ll need to specify a new Comm Link in Application Settings of QGC on iPad as you use a non-default port for the second connection.

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