Connection problems RS2

I use my RS2 with a SIM card for receiving differential corrections.
I use a mobile phone as a data collector connected by bluetootch with a surveying application called Topview.
Some days when I start the RS, in a place with telephone coverage, I do not receive the corrections, in the internal configuration of emlid the symbol of searching for mobile network appears, and I have to restart the computer for the problem to be solved.
The other day I did not connect the phone with the rs2, looking at the RS2 configuration, the bluetooch button was off, I put it back on and after a few seconds it turned off again without being able to connect the phone with the RS2.
I rebooted the RS2 and the problem is gone.
I am concerned about these connection problems.

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Is there a solution to this problem?

Hi Rafa,

Thanks for the report!

The issue is rather strange so we’ll need a bit more time to understand how to solve it. Could you please specify if such mobile network issues happen with different SIM cards?

It’d be also great if you could share the Full System Report from the unit with me. The report contains information about internal processes on receiver that may help us to identify the issue. You can share it with me via PM or through the

I have always used the same SIM card. I send you the report. Thank you

Rafa, thanks for the report! I’ve downloaded it and deleted it from the public section of the forum as it may contain sensitive information.

Would it be possible for you to check the behavior with another SIM card?

Thank you very much Polina.
I do not have another SIM card. I will try to get another

Hi Rafa,

We’re currently looking into the report you’ve sent. Once you have the chance to run the tests with another SIM card, please, share the Full System Report with me once again as it’ll contain new information about working process.

The problem is not really continuous, that is, it only occurs a few times, although the other day the problem with the bluetooth appeared.
And it has always been fixed after the RS2 reboot

Thanks for the specification! We’re checking out the possible root for the issue. Once we have any further questions, I’ll reach out to you.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to give you an update on this issue. During troubleshooting with Rafa, we found out that there were hardware issues with this Reach RS2 unit. We’ve replaced it for the user. We’ll take a closer look at it when it arrives at ours.