Connection over emlid reach hotspot

Hello! I have got two reach modules and I want to know how to connect them using base reach’s hotspot? Can anybody write down the actions I have to do?

You just connect through Reachview on the rover to the hotspot created by the base. Nothing fancy about it.


Hi Giorgi,

As Chris noted, that is indeed possible. However, I’d recommend avoiding sending corrections this way. The Wi-Fi module of Reach is not tailored for RTK communication. It is low-powered which is why you won’t reach the long-baseline in RTK.

You can send corrections from one unit to another via the Emlid NTRIP Caster. The only requirement in this way is to connect both units to the Internet.


Thank you. I have tried connection over hotspot but I didn’t like it. So then I tried NTRIP and it worked well. Moreover, it gives me connection far away from the base. So everything is OK now🙂


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