Connection of sonar sensors to the Navio 2

I am currently trying to connect 4 Sonar Distance Sensors to the Navio 2 but I can’t change the GPIO Ports to fit this. Can somebody help me. The distance sensors are the:
And another thing would be the Holy Bro 433MHz 100mw telemetry set which I don’t know how to connect since the Page of Holybro doesn’t say if the Set and the Navio 2 are compatible, but here in the forums I found a article which states that all 433MHz Telemetry sets are compatible so I’m not quite sure which to trust.

You can use serial or i2c distance sensors (look the arducopter wiki). i2c is the only way to use more than one sensor using different i2c address.

It is standard Ardu mavlink compatible telemetry. Use UART or USB.

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Thank you very much

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