Connection issues with RV3

Hi Artem

As I experience the same connection problems, I’m interested in the answer as well. Maybe you can share it for everyone?
Thanks in advance!

I have reported same issues. Connecting reachview is very troublesome. Connecting with browser is much more reliable. Seems much more people having the same problem.

Hi Samuel,

I’ve transferred your comment to a separate thread to troubleshoot your issues separately. Please describe your connection issues in more detail as they might not be the same as the ones in another thread.

I’ll list the questions that will be of great help to us:

  1. What is the smartphone you use with your Reach device? Please share its OS and model.
  2. What firmware is your Reach device on?
  3. Do you experience connection issues while the unit is transmitting its own hotspot or when the unit is connected to an external network?
  4. What type of connection issues do you have? Does the app lose connection with the receiver and doesn’t reconnect?

Hi Verloon,

It seems like we started troubleshooting the issues you’ve described in this community forum thread. It’ll be extremely helpful for us if you shared the additional details there. This way, we’ll be able to understand the root of the issue quicker.

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