Cannot connect Reachview app

I think this has been posted before, but I encountered a big problem.

I’m using Samsung Galaxy A31, an I cannot connect to the Reach receiver. Maybe only 1 out of 10 times.

Using Google Chrome and typing the IP address, no problem.

My second problem is when I use Reachview 3 and I download a logfile, it isn’t stored anywhere.

My colleague, who is using an Apple device, has less problems, however every now and then, experience the same issues.

So my question is, what is the use of publishing the apps, if my standard browser works 10 times better…


Hi @verloop.ton,

Thanks for your patience!

Could you please specify what Android version you’re working with? What firmware version does your Reach receiver run on?

It’d be incredibly useful if you could describe in more detail your actions that result in the disconnection. What network do both your phone and Reach receiver connect to?

Regarding the files downloaded via the ReachView 3 app, they usually should be found in the Downloaded folder. Could you please specify what folders you’ve checked?

The android version is 10. I have attached a screenshot with more details.

The firmware on the reach is the latest, stable release.

I’m not talking about disconnection, I’m not able to connect at all. So its not first connect, the disconnect, its not connect right from the start.

Meanwhile I have discovered a few issues:

  1. With the base station sharing the internet connection, its even harder to connect.

  2. With the receiver not sharing the internet, its even more complicated. If, I enable mobile data on my phone, and I connect to the receiver, my phone will try to get data from my mobile data, even while connected to the receiver.

So, the only way to work somewhat reliable with the receiver i have to do the following:

  1. Close all apps on my phone.
  2. Close mobile data
  3. Connect to the receiver, using Reachview or my browser
  4. Download the files.

Rechview3 is very unstable, keeps on crashing and even if I close the application, it seems to do something in the background and continue to hang.

The networks I connect to here in Thailand are True and AIS. Not that I think this information is of any relevance, but that answers all your questions I hope.

Hi @verloop.ton,

Thanks for the detailed explanation!

This behavior is quite unusual. Let’s investigate why this happens.

It’s true that you need to turn off the mobile data on some Android devices when connecting to Reach’s hotspot. It’s a limitation of the Android system usage which is present when you’re working with both ReachView 2 and ReachView 3. However, if the mobile data is turned off on your smartphone, the connection should be smooth.

May I ask you if the issue remains when you connect the receiver to the hotspot of your smartphone? Is it still difficult to connect to the receivers when they’re connected to the external Wi-Fi network?

Could you please specify if you’re using the latest update of the ReachView 3 app? It’s the 5.5 version.

Dear Polina,

Sorry, I already gave you all the information I had. Of course I use the latest versions. Please test. All those questions you ask can be verified by your developers.

Hi @verloop.ton,

We’re definitely checking this up with the devs. However, as we’ve never encountered this issue before, we’re trying to collect all of the information that would allow us to draw conclusions. So it’d be helpful if you could specify whether the behavior stays the same while you’re using different networks.

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Dear Polina,

I really do not understand what more “additional” details you want. I’ve shared all relevant details already. My phone details, firmware, what problems and how, etc.

When I launch RV3, the screen just stays dark. Absolutely nothing happens. When I launch the browser and type in the IP address, it works.

Hi Verloon,

Thanks for your patience!

We’re currently checking what could be the issue here. However, so far, we’ve been unable to reproduce the issues you’ve reported.

That’s why it’s crucial for us to collect all of the information so that we don’t misunderstand each other. Please share the screen recording of the issue with me so that we can determine what kind of error you’re getting.

Please specify whether both of ReachView app and Reach Firmware are on the latest versions: it’s 5.9 and 26 correspondingly. It’s important for us to double-check this as we’re constantly updating our apps and firmware so that it can work better.

Also, it’d be helpful if you specified whether the connection issues remain when you connect Reach to any other external Wi-Fi network, like the hotspot of your device or your home Wi-Fi. This will show us whether the issues are tied with the network type or the ReachView connection.

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Dear Polina,

I’m currently on another mission which is very urgent and important. From May 5th onwards, I will most likely be able to answer your requests. I’m sorry for that, but I really don’t have time right now.


Thanks for the update! Please share the data when it’s convenient for you.

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