Connection Issues Between Navio2 and Mission Planner

Image: The latest emlid image in the documentation
ArduPilot version: Ardurover 3.3

I’ve followed the documentation carefully all the way through, I’ve got the Navio2 connected to the internet via ethernet, and my laptop connected to the same network via wifi - I’ve had the two ping each other, they’re all on the same network. I’ve reconfigured the /etc/default/ardurover file as well.

When I attempt to install firmware, I get this error:

When I hit the “connect” button at the upper-right of the screen, (I have it set to UDP) it stays on the “connecting to mavlink” dialog box indefinitely.

Any idea as to what’s going on? Thanks.


No way to use Mission planner to update Navio2 Ardu (rover or plane or copter).

You have to dive in the guts of Linux to do that. There is a How To somewhere in the forum.


Thanks for your reply.

The fundamental issue is that I can’t get any connection between the Navio2 and mission planner - I bring up installing firmware since it was the most recent thing I did when blindly trying to do things that would require a connection. I can’t connect, nor can I do any setup through the setup wizard.

Not easy, but if you follow the Wiki (do not miss a step till the end):


I did follow every singe step of the wiki - it does not tell me how to connect the Navio to the ground station, it only tells me where I can install mission planner. The only thing I skipped on the page was the section on custom binaries.

That is a different part belonging to Mission planner.
About Mission planner - introduction Introduction to Rover — Rover documentation

Start there. Its a bit reading before getting to the connection part.

Also, you should not need to update if you downloaded latest stable her.
Emlid Raspbian has preinstalled ArduPilot. It includes all vehicles and is based on the most stable branch available.

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