Connection issue

I got myself a Esurvey P811 field collector and managed to get ReachView 3 v7 on it.

The field controller connects to the RS2 Wi-Fi without problem, the app finds the RS2 but is unable to connect. It’s android 9.

My iPhone has no problem connecting and ReachView has no problem finding it and connecting.

I don’t get what’s wrong on the P811 with android.

Hi @andreas8001,

Sorry that it’s so quiet in this thread!

Can you please share a screenshot of what you see when you try to connect to Reach RS2 in the Reachview 3 app? Does any specific error occur?

Oh, and let’s also check if you can access Reach RS2 via a browser at

I’ll do that why I have time.

Another problem was when I set a hotspot on the field controller, reachview thinks Wi-Fi is off.


Sure. Can you also share a bit more details about the second issue? Do you mean your Reach RS2 can’t connect to the controller’s hotspot?

No, ReachView doesn’t get that the controller is a hotspot, it thinks Wi-Fi is off.


Sorry, not sure that I fully get it. Can you please explain what it looks like?

Some text shows in ReachView saying Wi-Fi is off

I got it working well between the RS2 and Surpad 4.2. I have the SIM card in the field collector, a P811 from Esurvey, it’s works well via Bluetooth.


Not that it will be a definitive solution, but can you try, when you’re connected through WiFi, to disable bluetooth and mobile data just before you click on the RS2 unit in Reachview 3?

I often need to do that on my phone and I’m curious if you would have the same behavior.

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Hi @andreas8001,

Glad to hear that it works fine now. But how did you manage it? What was the thing that helped to set the connection?

Bluetooth connection with the collector and surpad.


Yes, but you need to turn on Bluetooth on Reach and set position output via it for such integration. So you need to connect to the receiver via ReachView 3 app.

Did you just configure it using another device, not the controller?

Yes I used the pc or the phone, don’t remember.

It would be good if ReachView could be used with Bluetooth.

Hi @andreas8001,

Oh, alright. I see that the issue is resolved now, and the connection works well. But just thought: how did you install the ReachView 3 app to the controller? As far as I know, Android controllers usually don’t have Google Play on them.

Thanks for your request! I’ll note it and pass it to the team.

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