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So we are having issues somewhere in the communication between our Elmid RS2 and MapIt. The Reach app connects just fine as does MapIt but MapIt it quickly starts to cycle between connected and disconnected from the RS2 every 30 seconds and only gets usable accuracy for about 2 of those. This is also happening on 2 phones. We are not sure where exactly the issues lies at this point and we have reached out to both companies to get this issues resolved. I was hoping that someone in the community might have some insight as well. All firmware and aps are up to date as are the phones we are using. This is a new issue as both phones we use were working on previous projects.

Hi Patric,

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Did you set the connection to Mapit GIS following this guide? Do you see the disconnections in the Lefebure app? Here is how you can check it.

And what are the phones you use?

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I did set up MapIt according to the guide. I followed the instructions on running it through the Lefebure app and it appears to be connecting and disconnecting the same way. I have attached screen shot.

I am using a S21 ultra.

Hi Patrick,

We’re discussing this issue via email. So I’d like to chime in to continue the investigation with you.

You said that your Reach is on the 27.1 firmware version. Can you update it to the latest stable firmware and check if it changes something? We’ve improved Bluetooth connection stability on the latest firmware versions, so I think it can help.

A am trying to do that right now. I connected the Reach to our wifi network, but now I can’t connect my phone to the Reach. I am connected to the same network but the Reach is not showing up. I tried to check the instructions for connecting over wifi but the page is apparently not found.


The link is a bit different, you can find the guide right in the RTK Quickstart.

Just in case - are you using a 2.4 or 5 GHz Wi-Fi network? Reach can work only with 2.4 GHz ones. You can also try to provide Reach with Internet access by connecting it to your mobile device’s hotspot - it should work fine.

The Reach is showing that it is connected to the wifi, blue light, but I don’t know what frequency it is. I will need to get it out of wifi mode to connect it to my hotspot. Is there a way to force it back into hotspot mode so I can set that up?

To bring the unit to the hotspot mode via the app, you need to connect to Reach. If it’s not possible, I’d suggest either getting Reach far from the router or turning the router off. Once the connection is lost, the Network LED will start blinking blue. Reboot Reach, and it’ll return to the hotspot mode.

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Hi Patrick,

I just wanted to check if you managed to update your Reach to the latest firmware. Is the connection to MapIt more stable now?

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