Connection failures with RS3

We are currently working in the field with an RS3. Connections and staking have been working perfectly for a week but suddenly a problem has emerged.

The Rs3 switches on and is visible with Bluetooth and WiFi but attempting to connect via WiFi immediately disconnects the device so survey or accessing menu is impossible. With Bluetooth the main menu opens and we can see the device has a FIX, BUT choosing any sub menu immediately caused disconnect.

How can we solve? Or Is this a fundamental error in device? We are losing valuable working time due to this so help or suggestions gratefully received.

Hi @tcw,

Welcome to the community forum!

Can you please record a screencast showing what happens when you connect to Reach over Wi-Fi? It will help me understand the whole process and see what can go wrong.

I believe I’ve also received your message over email. Have you seen my answer there? Just in case, here are the main points from it:

  • If you use an Android mobile device, please try to disable Mobile data and Battery optimization for Emlid Flow before connecting to Reach.

  • Is there a chance there’s another mobile device you can try? Does it work the same way?

  • Do I understand correctly that the Reach and the mobile app were updated to the latest versions (31.8 firmware and the 10.5 app version) before the survey? If not, please update them. You can try accessing the receiver when connected to its hotspot from any web browser using the default IP address of The web interface doesn’t support point collection, but you can update the unit this way.