Connection Diagramm Octocopter Quad X Motor Pin

Hello everybody,
I have an Emlid Edge System in my octorotor X frame for the first time.
Unfortunately, I have nowhere found on which pins and what order the motors are connected?
Motor 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 8
In addition, the question where exactly, at which pins are the relay outputs defined?
thanks in advance!


Arducopter Wiki is the place to look:

Your setup is not good…

Relay output could be 9 to 12.


Dear Marc, thank you very much for your help.
I must say i have an EMLID Edge Controller and not an Pixhawk Controller, so i´m difused how to connect my 8 ESCs.
Here i made a graphic from my situation, hopefull someone can help me.
Thanks in advance!


No confusion: Emlid Edge is an Ardupilot (Arducopter) compatible unit.

So, Arducopter wiki is relevant for the most part. ( Edge QGroundControl version is different from standard used with Pixhawk )

ESC 1 to 8 have to be plugged on Out 1 to 8 of Edge.

Out 9 to 12 are free to use with accessories (Camera and gimbal control, external lights,…)

RC in (your receiver) is on R>
S< is an sBus out (use to be confirmed by Emlid)


Hello, that’s exactly how I did it.
But when I do the engine test in the QGroundcontrol software, the order of the engines is not correct.
The motors are marked in the software with ABCDEFGH.
If A is the engine number 1 and B is the engine number 2, then this does not correspond to the official engine order the standard is for Quad X Octocopter.

Motor test order:

A1, B6, C4, D7, E3, F8, G2, H5

Sorry, it is not easy and maybe not well documented.

Clockwise from front right, top then bottom to front left.


So i understand the logic behind this order.
I hope that EMLID will describe this in their software or in their documentations.
Many thanks for your answers!

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