Connecting with LandStar7

Hello to all members, I hope you are well. I want to connect my GNSS with LandStar7 but I dont know how to connect. I hope someone from the community helps me.

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Hi Nderim,

To output Reach’s position to a 3rd-party Android app such as LandStar 7, you can use a mock location feature. When you use it, all Android device apps that use location services will automatically have access to the Reach position streamed via Bluetooth.

To learn the workflow, please explore our Android mock location guide.

I have the same question. LandStar7 looks great but i can not connect becouse app is not registered. It seems that mocking thr location will not solve thia problem.
Is there an older version that is free to use and works with Reach like oldet veraions of SurveyMastet and Nuwa?

Hi Mario,

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We’ve tested that Reach works fine with LandStar using the mock location feature. Some of our users successfully use the app in their work. Please note that the mock location doesn’t provide an opportunity to bypass registration if it is required. We can’t be of much help with the older versions of the app as well.

Its anyone to help to i connect reach rs2 with LandStar?

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Hi Nderim,

It should be possible to use the mock location feature to get a real-time Reach position in the LandStar app. Could you please clarify which step of the Android mock location guide you face any issues with?

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Hi guys,

I see my previous comment was in December 2020, when our ReachView 3 app just came out of Beta. It has obtained many nice features since then. So now, it can do many things previously available only in 3rd-party apps – like applying Base shift or adding a custom CS. If you try out the app, will be glad to read your feedback!