Connecting two rover units.

Hi, I have a M2 and a RS2 that are set up to receive corrections over NTRIP. I would like to connect both of them to my laptop at the same time.
So far I have tried to do it over TCP in both server and client mode, but the main issue seems to be that both units have the same internal IP, which to my knowledge can not be changed. With one unit at a time I have gotten it working in both modes, but not with two.
My questions are:

  1. Can two units work in one network if TCP is used?
  2. Would this be possible by just using serial (USB) mode?

Hi Rando,

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If you connect both Reach to the same external Wi-Fi, they’ll have different IP addresses in the network. You can connect your laptop to the same Wi-Fi and access both units from it using these IPs.

As for USB, Reach indeed can be accessed only via

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