Connecting two receivers at the same time

We are surveying a hilly site with varying line of sight, and wanting to survey numerous GCPs, some of which are visible from one receiver and others from the other. We have two receivers, is it possible to set them both up at the same time and the emlid flow app get a fix on the rover from both or do we have to specify in the app which reveiver the rover looks for? Does this require the receivers to be on differing frequencies?


Hi @lizpoulsom,

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In general, it’s possible to configure one base for your survey at the same time. If I understand correctly, you’re using LoRa radio for correction streaming. Do you have an internet connection on your worksite? It’d let you use either Emlid Caster or an NTRIP service to make your workflow smoother.

If your goal is to collect some GCPs, using Stop&Go is also one of your options. For that, you don’t need a real-time connection between your receivers, and you can do the post-processing in Emlid Studio.