Connecting to VRS network

I need the way to connect with VRS network
I’ve tried to connect using correction input but my device is not getting any correction stream
Plz help
My device is Emlid reach RS+

You should tell us what you did or provide a screenshot. We need a better description.

For example, did you enable the check box for “Send NMEA GGA messages to the corrections provider (required for VRS)”?

In steps:
1- i’ve connected my receiver and my mobile to the same Wifi network (internet enabled)
2- I’ve selected correction input and fill up the required fields as shown in screenshots

That all i’ve done

OK, thanks for the screen shots.

Enable only the first ‘Base correction’ and disable the second '‘Additional correction’.

Maybe there is something with the mount point or format that needs to be changed.

I don’t know what else to suggest right now. Maybe another user can offer some advice.

Usually you should see the mountpoints as a dropdown list. Could be a user right or a typo error that is causing this.
Also check you have a valid internet connection with your Reach RS

I saw it as a drop down list and all the mount points of the VRS server is available
It’s not shown in the screenshots that’s my mistake after i connected to the right mount point the admin of the server doesn’t see my device is connected and also i can’t get the corrections from the server

I know Mr Khamis and I see that his corrections format from the mount point in RTCM3.1 and the input corrections format is RTCM3 CAN THIS MAKE problems?

Do you have a valid singel solution prior to VRS connection?
VRS need minimum a single solution when connecting

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I’ve adrop down list contains

Try RTCMV3. This is the format your device is expecting, RTCM 3.x.

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