Connecting to SIK Radio

I’m totally new to the subject. I have configured Navio 2 with Pi3 and I can connect the copter to MP through UDP. I connected 915Mz radio. One to Navio through UART. Both unit green led’s are lit and still. I’ve done load settings through SIK radio configuration and everything is fine.But I can’t connect to the radio through MAVLink. I’ve checked serial port communication with /boot/cmdline.txt and it’s fine. But /etc/inittab file is empty.

I’ve tried starting with “sudo arducopter -C /dev/ttyAMA0” in putty and when this is running in putty I can connect to Mission planner from the ground control side to the quad.But if I close putty the connection get lost. Can someone help with this issue.

Hi Chaminda,

Have you gone through this guide?

Have you tried to configure -C /dev/ttyAMA0 in /etc/default/arducopter file?

You can turn on the ardupilot automatic starting after boot via sudo systemctl enable arducopter or you can specify it using emlidtool.

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