Connecting to RTK service


Could someone please advise me on how to set up the following RTK service in ReachView 3 with a Reach RS2? (RTCM V3.2)
Source document -

I read the NTRIP documentation (, but can’t seem to get it to work.

I’ve tried entering the address ( and port (2106) into the “Correction input/NTRIP”. There is no username or password and I don’t know what to enter in the “Mount point” section.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I ended up figuring it out through trial and error…blots of errors hahaha.

The IP address and port needed to be entered as a “Correction input/TCP” service in client mode -

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Hi @bme,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for posting your solution!

Indeed, it can be a bit difficult to get through all of this details in the beginning. But everything is possible through trial and error and contacting us through the forum :slight_smile:

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