Connecting to RS2 Rover Using NTRIP For GCP's

Good morning. I sure could use some help figuring this out. We’ve an RX several times with no issues in another project, same NTRIP connection, same area. Our RX is tied up on another project and we’re trying to configure the Rover as though it would serve the same function as the RX for simplicity.

Capturing imagery with a Matrice 300 RTK and DJI RTK Base Station. When I attempt to connect to the Rover to configure NTRIP it seems as though Updater gets in the way, but there’s never a prompt it’s still updating or finishes. Then were bouncing back and forth between the wifi network in my office and the Reach hotspot. It will see the local network briefly, then disconnects.

Would appreciate any help today. We have a narrow window to collect data before blooming trees prevent data capture.



On site and still no connection.

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Has the RS2 been used before? Try taking it to the office, performing the update, then go outside and test it.

The updste failed the last time i attempted. I’m in the field at the moment and am running out of time today. Is ryere any reason i cant attempt the upgrade on site with wifi? And thanks for answering on Sunday.

Sam, we ran out of time and had to postpone the project. If I can get it resolved tonight in the office I’ll be back tomorrow to set the cp’s up again!

Hi Dennis,

We are in touch with you via email. Let’s continue our discussion there to avoid confusion.

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