Connecting to NTRIP service, Recv Error(114)


I received my Reach module, I’m doing a first test that consist of connecting to a NTRIP caster from a public
cartographic service(supports RTCM).

They provided me the: IP, PORT, USER and PASSWORD.

I go to the Correction input in Reach View, I fill all the fields but not the mounting point since I don’t have that information.

The result is the following messages:

  • Connected to the IP.
  • Source table received.
  • Recv Error (114).

Does someone knows what might be the source of the error 114? Any idea on what that error code means?


Never mind.

After some try out, and connecting to an alternative backup IP that they provide I can see that the mount point field
is filled with all the possible stations to connect when I select one that has RTCM3 it connects successfully.

Thanks to the active community and Emlid for making such a well design systems:)