Connecting to Mission Planner Over 3DR Telemetry Module


I am trying to connect my navio2 to Mission Planner and have run into a stump.

I followed the instructions on here:

Then I tried selecting “connect” in the top right and it says “connection timeout - No heartbeat detected”

I do not want to follow the setup wizard as it says it is going to update the firmware on my board - thought this might overwrite something Navio related.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I can connect via wifi now but I still can’t connect via the telemetry module.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated:

Why do you want to connect to mission Planner?
Normally you connect to MissionPlanner via a USB cable and then use a 3DR telem module to connect to a vehicle and inject RTCM corrections to that remote vehicle.

What is your usecase ?

I am not sure what you mean by “inject RTCM corrections” but I plan to control the drone by sending MAVROS commands. I can do this over WIFI but the Telemetry module allows me to do this outdoors.

On mission planner select sik radio setup and see if both radios connect to each other.
Please follow the instructions to setup the radios from the mission planner documentation.

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