Connecting to ardupilor via mavros

Hi. I cannot connect to ardupilot via mavros. there is details. can someone help me?

Hi Abdülsamet,

Welcome to the community forum!

To be able to identify the issue, I believe we need a bit more information. Could you please elaborate on what you’re aiming to accomplish and which error you get while trying to connect to the Ardupilot?

We have a guide on working with ROS in our online docs. It’d be of great help if you could specify on which step you encounter difficulties.

Also, I’d ask you to share the following details so that it’d be easier to analyze all of the information in one place:

  1. Image and ArduPilot version
  2. Your step by step actions
  3. Picture of the setup and connection scheme

Hi Adsulsamet,

As Amilcar has already mentioned on GitHub, you need to launch mavproxy between ROS and your ground control station. Like that:

python /usr/local/bin/ --master=udp: --baudrate 57600 --out udp:<GCS_IP>:<port> 

You can also follow our guide which Polina has already mentioned in the previous post.

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