Connecting the GPS from a standard raspberry image


I’m using the Navio2 card on a Raspberry4 and i’m trying to access its sensors (accel/gyro/mag and GPS), but from a standard raspberry image. i’m running the scripts given from, but it doesnt work, with an error, for instance for the GPS : line 719 in init_,cs) no such file or directory. It feels like i am missing a driver or something like it.
Is there a way i can make the test scripts work ? If not do i need to use the raspbian image ? Is there a raspbian image with a HMI so i can work on the scripts without having to upload everything ?

Thanks for your answer !

Hi Ello,

These scripts use the RCIO tool, which is only available with the Navio2 Raspbian image. So, if you want to work with Navio2 examples, you need to install the preconfigured Raspbian.

Yup, i figured that but thanks for explaining !

I’m working with the Preconfigured raspbian right now. But i do have problems with the GPS using python right now.
here is the link to my post.
Thanks again !

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