Connecting sensors to ADC channels

I’ve been able to connect and read from 2 sensors connected to the ADC port (connected on inputs ‘ADC2’ and ‘ADC3’ as shown on pinout). I now need to connect a third analog sensor. Is it possible to use the ‘ADC0’ or ‘ADC1’ pins on the power port, or are these used by the APM power module? Thanks

They are meant to be used for PM. But if your specific setup doesn’t need a PM, you’re free to use these pins. They are just ADC pins after all.

Ok thanks, but do you know whether the PM requires those ADC pins to function (can’t it function with just 5V and GND pins)? Just I could modify the connector cable and attach a sensor to the ADC pins. I suppose if it does need them, then I’ll need to buy an external ADC board?

Yeah, sure you can. After this I’d turn off battery monitor related parameters in ArduPilot. Because by default ArduPilot uses those for PM. No need for external board.

Ok perfect; thanks for the help

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