Connecting sensor to UART on raspberry pi

I’m using ardupilot on Navio2 along with ROS, with the aim of mapping environmental data using an additional sensor. I’m wondering if there is a way to connect my sensor to a UART directly on the raspberry pi, rather than the Navio2? My plan is to write a program that will take the position estimate from ardupilot through ROS, read the environmental sensor data from a serial port on the pi (at 921600 baud), do some manipulation, and write it to a datafile.
thank you

The Navio2 has no UART itself, it just provides a connector for the RPIs UART.
If you need additional UARTs, you can always plug USB to UART adapters into the RPi.


ok, understood, I’ll use an ftdi cable to connect my sensor to a usb port then.

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