Connecting RS3 to TSC3 via bluetooth

I have seen several posts on this in the past and folks used the Trimble TSC3 or TSC5 to connect to their Emlid units. But they were using Carlson SurvCe (I believe). I can pair the TSC3 to the TSC3 dc but it will not connect. After the pairing is done and I click on connect, it will just say “Your Device did not connect with MDS-RS3. The Connection failed or the passcode is incorrect”.

It is not the passcode because it shows “Paired” in Emlid Flow. Any ideas getting the TSC3 to connect to the RS3? I am running Trimble Access 2017. But the bluetooth connection is thru the Windows mobile bluetooth settings.

Maybe try renaming each device differently to something very simple without hyphens etc?

If no go, I think there was something in the past about this and the PASSCODE requirement that was required by Emlid for security they implemented? i.e. on older Windows Mobile OS on a data collector you couldn’t set a passcode, but the Emlid device required it??? Cannot remember.

Thanks Tim! I will remove the hyphens and give that a try.

I did try leaving the passcode blank in Flow but it would not allow that. But yet it paired up. Hopefully the hyphens will solve the problem :slight_smile:

I think Emlid REQUIRES a passcode no matter what… I think older software that didn’t require a passcode (blank or just 0000?) to be entered would not work after that security requirement was implemented later by Emlid.

Hope u get it working.

The TSC3 actually lets you key in the passkey. I set it to 8888. It was first 123456 so I reduced it down to 4 characters. I will post back what I find this evening.

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