Connecting RS3 to DJI DRTK 2 base station

Hi guys,
I’d like a bit of aid. I’ve purchased a DJI D RTK2 Base station to work with my drones in the past for mapping. To gather GCP locations I’ve decided to purchase the Emlid reach RS3, is there anyway at all possible to use the DRTK2 as a base station and connect my RS3 to it for it to be used as a ROVER ? any help will be greatly appreciated.

No, the DRTK2 antenna can only be used with own brand drones

Bear in mind, I fly Matrice 300 and Mavic M3E and use RS2 as the local NTRIP base for the drones’ RTK. The D-RTK2 that was bought is never even used as I find that thing bulky and cheaply made (particularly the tripod) as well as being useless for anything else anyway.

Good to know. I am glad a purchased the RS3 instead. I also have Mavic ME

Guys, thanks a lot for the information

Hi Dureean,

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Reach RS3 can be used with 3rd-party receivers, for example, via UHF radio. If your base can send corrections over NTRIP, and you have an Internet connection on your worksite, you can also use Emlid Caster.

How would you like to transmit corrections? If you specify your planned workflow, I can help you with the configuration.