Connecting RS2 to Enterprise WiFi

Version Info:
Firmware: 29.1
ReachView 3: 7.6

Trying to connect devices to university enterprise WiFi, which requires user authentication and a variety of granular settings like EAP method and Phase 2 authentication. I do not see anywhere in the WiFi module in the ReachView app to configure these settings. The Android tablets that were purchased with the devices are able to connect.

Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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You can change the Security type to WPA Enterprise in the Wi-Fi settings of ReachView 3. Once you have chosen this option, the fields Username and Password become available. Authentication type is PEAP in this case.

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Good morning, and thanks for the reply. Among a number of other settings, we need to use TTLS for the authentication type, and this does not appear to be a way to access this setting or the others that I need to configure.

Do you also need to specify an auth certificate?

That is correct. Here are all of the settings that need configured:

Then you’re in the same boat as me, we have Eduroam here. It was explained that this is not supported. I’ve been bringing the units at home for firmware updates for 3 years, unfortunately.

If that is the only reason why they need connected to wifi, then we can live with that. I was under the impression that common wifi was needed for the device to communicate with the tablet at long distances.

Well, it would sure make things easier for us if we could get our receivers connected to the uni wifi, but we just put our mobiles in hotspot mode with the receivers connecting to them without the intermediary of the network.

How much range do you get out of those? I’d guess not a whole lot.

I was editing my post, lol. How long of a range do you need? Other side of campus kind of range?

One solution that I never went ahead and tried would be to find a wireless router you can use and set it up as a router client. I have seen on the web that some people were able to setup devices on eduroam in that way.

The user mentioned mapping out the edges of a building, so separating the tablet from the receiver for more than a few dozen feet would run into problems.

Maybe I don’t understand the use-case, but normally the mobile devices follow the receiver around.

If the goal is to receive corrections on the rover with tablets that don’t have SIM cards, then I understand/share the issue that they can’t both be connected to Eduroam and act as hotspots for the receivers. It’s a bit annoying to have access to a network and not being able to connect to it. Here have accepted that we have to use cell network to pass corrections to the RS2. The bandwidth isn’t very large so data caps should never be an issue though.

Hi @ard133,

Gabriel mentioned correctly that at the moment it’s not possible to configure certificate settings or the EAP method. I’ll pass the note to the devs, so they know about this and can consider such cases.

Regarding the range between a receiver and a mobile device, if you work with a Reach hotspot, then it’s indeed limited by the capabilities of the internal Wi-Fi module. But you usually hold the mobile device near the receiver while collecting points. In such a case, the range shouldn’t be an issue.

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