Connecting RS+ to RV3

Hi Everyone. I can connect my Base and Rover to Reachview 2 without issues on my phone or tablet. When I try to connect to Reachview 3, I can’t get any connection with either device. What is it that I am missing? I followed the videos and can’t get any further. Thanks for the help.

Hello Sully,
I think that a firmware version of your RS+ receivers is too old so you have to update firmwares first and try again.
You can do it by RV2 by upgrading to version 26.6 then 28.4 etc…
Good luck.

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Hi, if you’re trying to connect your Reach units over Lora and you’re within range of the wifi network you used to set them up or update them, your units are maybe connecting to that network. I’d suggest going into the wifi settings in RV3 and forgetting that network or go somewhere remote and power them on.
Another issue I’ve found in the past is my units connect to my mobile data so you should try switching mobile data of on your phone before powering your units on.

Alistair from Mangoesmapping has posted some very useful videos you may find helpful.


Hi @razoredgefab,

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I agree with Zinedine that the firmware version of the receivers, most likely, is too old. Have you tried updating the devices? Via ReachView 2, it will require several consecutive updates, so I’d recommend you just to reflash the receiver using the Firmware reflashing guide.

Please note that reflashing erases all the data from the receiver. So if you need any of the projects or the logs from it, download them before reflashing.

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Thank you all for replying to my case.

Hi @razoredgefab,

Sure! Did the reflashing help? Can you connect to your Reach RS+ in ReachView 3 now?

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