Connecting Reach to SurvCE

Hello, this might be out of topic, but since the last update i have tried for a while to connect ReachRS2 with SurvCE, i had a previous setup working well, but now the bluetooth keeps showing it is not available and can’t connect. I deleted ReachRS2 from the list of bluetooth devices on my controller, and added it againg but again with no success. Anyone have experiences something similar?

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Hi @sdobrev85,

Please, clarify which firmware version are you using. Is it 2.24.2 (latest stable) or 2.25.1 (latest dev)?

Have you tried deleting the Bluetooth profile of your RS2 in Windows settings as well? Do you provide your Reach RS2 with a clear sky view?

Hi, I am using the latest stable version 2.24.2, and yes I have tried deleting the Bluetooth profile from Windows mobile device but no success. My Skyview was not clear, i was trying it in a room next to the window. I have not tried again since my previous post, just wanted to know if anyone has experienced the same issue.

Hi @sdobrev85,

Please, make sure that your RS2 has Single solution status at least. The communication via Bluetooth is establishing only when the receiver can calculate its position.

Is this something since the last update, because previosly i had no problem with connecting bluetooth, and if so, is it going to stay that way in future updates?

Is it working for you now if you have at least a single solution?

Yes, it is working now, i had to delete and add the profiles and com ports from the start, and when i tried it outside it paired.

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