Connecting reach to existing autosteer system

Hi all
I’m wondering if anyone here has done this. I have a late model tractor with inbuilt autosteer. Currently running Trimble guidance. What I’m wondering is if anyone has removed their Trimble. (Or novatel) reciever and replaced it somehow with a reach unit. My reciever is currently locked to sub meter. No rtk. And the cost to unlock is $3000 per level!! There are two levels to unlock🤦🏻‍♂️ Plus once that is done I then have subscription fees on top.

So thought process is remove Trimble reciever and throw in the bin. And replace with reach but unsure how to intergrate this in the existing auto steer.
Any help much appreciated.

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Hi @C.R.Johnstone,

Welcome to the community forum! Hopefully, you’ll find it as useful and interesting as we do :slight_smile:

Would you mind sharing more details about your project and the system you’d like to integrate Reach in? This way, it’ll be easier for us and our users to suggest something specific.

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