Connecting Reach to Android software over BT

I have a emlid reach 2 unit i can try operate my machine with android Egstar apps my machine connect via bluetooth with this app but problem was there the bluetooth is connect & disconnect continue face this problem

Hi @grakeshgiri,

I’m afraid we’ve never tested Reach receivers with this app.

Please answer the following questions:

  • May I ask you to clarify which Reach device do you have?
  • What’s the firmware version installed on your device?
  • Could you try to follow this guide to check whether the BT connection stable or not?

1.I have reach rs+ survey kit
2.firmware version is 2.18.2
3.i am going to setting in bluetooth n always discoverable
4.connection is successful but after some time connect & gone connect & go to dis connect continue repeat so please guide me for Egstar software
5.Egstar software design for chinese south galaxy 1 dgaps my unit also chinese so why not supported for emlid reach rs+ give further detail please so tutorial in youtube for Egstar software
7.this software also available in google play store in android system

Hi @grakeshgiri,

Let’s try to find out if Reach RS+ works with other Android apps first. Please go through Getting Reach coordinates on Android via BT guide and let me know whether you have issues with BT connection or not.

It should help to understand if the BT connection is stable.

I am trying to connect n respond you
I thought I try with map it gis app please guide me

Hi @grakeshgiri,

May I ask you to clarify on which step of this guide you faced difficulties?

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