Connecting reach to an Iphone hotspot

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  1. latest 2.9.1 , latest reachview
    Have been trying to connect my reach unit to my iphone 5 on ios 11.03 hotspot again.
    I can connect my ipad and 2 laptop computers to my iphone hotspot.

Cannot get the reach unit to connect?

Any one able to do this that can help?

I tried this several months ago and was never successful.
Any and all help appreciated.

Hi Jim,

This normally works, at which phase are you experiencing issues?

Hi Igor

The reach units connect automatically to my home network on startup. I then go thru reachview and change the wifi to my iphone personal hotspot…it never connects and usually goes to its own reach wifi spot not back to my home network. I also tried this away from my home network, the reach boots up in its own wifi hotspot and when I change it in reachview it never connects to my iphone hpotspot. I am able to confirm this in fing on my ipad.

I see in a couple of older posts that some people had success by first connecting another device to my iphone that did the same thing the reach goes back to its own wifi hotspot not my home network.


I have an ipad that connects to my iphone wifi spot and 2 laptops that also connect with out problems.

Could it have something to do with characters used in the hotspot name or password? Maybe try changing the your hotspot name and then your hotspot password and see if that helps.

Also, Fing on iPhone is not able to scan when phone is in hotspot mode. Search for ReachView in appstore :slightly_smiling_face:

Bide the 3 other devices connect without any problem and I have changed the name a couple of times before.
Igor I also have fing on my ipad and it does show me the iphone and devices connected.


I have not tried resetting the iphone as the other devices sem to connect ok

Hello All

I believe I found my problem.

The first letter of my iphone hotspot name is a " J " it is hard to tell if capitalized or small letter.
I have now made sure of what it is and it works wonderfully.

Thanks for the help and kudos on the new updates they download and install very quickly and without any hassles.

Thanks again

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