Connecting Reach RS2 to WPA3 WiFi

Hi all, I just purchased a Reach RS2, but I cannot set it up using my WiFi network which uses WPA3. This is a 6 year old protocol, but the RS2+ doesn’t seem to support it. Is this true? Any workarounds for how to set up this unit? Thanks!

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Hi Scott,

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Reach devices support only WPA/WPA2/WPA enterprise protocols. As far as I understand, the protocol can be set by the owner of the network connection. Is it possible to set the WPA2 protocol on your device?


Hi there!

Thanks for the response. I am the owner of the network, and could reconfigure the security protocol for the entire WiFi network.

However WPA3 has several security features I would prefer to keep. Are there any plans to update the Reach RS2+?


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I’ve passed your request to our development team. There are no plans or ETAs now, but I’ll let you know once something changes.