Connecting Reach RS2 to MALA GroundVision

I’m trying to connect my Reach RS2 (updated to firmware v28.4) to MALA RAMAC GroundVision v1.4.5 with little success.

I’m connecting with an RS232 DB9 serial cable directly from the RS2 to a CF-29 Toughbook. The serial port (COM1) is set to 9600 baud (8 data, 0 parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control) and the RS2 is also set to output at the same rate over serial.

I should add too that in order to detect the serial input in Win7 and WinXP I had to add two registry keys for the Terminal Server (TSAdvertise and AllowTSConnections).

I’ve changed the talker ID to GP per a prior suggestion on this forum. The RS2 rover is also set to receive signals from GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, and BEIDOU networks at a rate of 5Hz. I’ve lowered this to 1Hz and selected just the GPS network with no success.

I’ve set up HyperTerminal to read the output over COM1 and it looks like the RS2 is outputting position data correctly but GroundVision doesn’t seem to be able to pick up any of it. Does anyone have any experience connecting an RS2 RTK setup to a (slightly) older MALA X3M GPR system?

Hi Patrick,

It may sound too obvious, but haven’t you tried to disable all NMEA messages but GGA? I know some radars can’t read position from a batch of messages. They need GGA only.

You can configure it in Reach Panel as well as Talker ID.

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