Connecting Reach RS2 and Phantom 4 RTK

Hi - I have recently purchased a secondhand RS2 and Phantom 4 RTK. I am struggling to get them to connect. Using my Iphone’s hotspot I have connected to the RS2 (and it is getting NTRIP corrections just fine). When I try and connect to the drone I can connect the controller to the hotspot, but it won’t allow the drone to receive RTK corrections. I have made sure that all the local NTRIP details are correct, but it simply states that there is an ‘abnormal RTK connection’.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

Are you using your phone’s hotspot to connect everything to rather than the RS2’s hotspot? Also, make sure your RS2 is on the latest FW, 31.2

If this doesn’t do it, start grabbing screenshots of your settings in Emlid Flow and from the P4R’s Remote and post them up.

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Also, if you have not already, read through the docs.


Hi @timetomaketracks ,

I agree with Dave. Please check that Reach is using the latest firmware and drone is connected using our guide.

Does your drone support a Wi-Fi connection? Local NTRIP will only work in this case.

Can you set up Reach using Emlid Caster instead of local NTRIP? Are there any errors in that case?

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