Connecting Reach RS+ to John Deere mrtk

Hi to all,
We have a RS+ and for 4 days trying to establish a stable connection. There is only one RS+ As a base. We are able to get both base and rover connected to, but connection breaks as soon as I move 50 meters away from the base. Which makes no sense to me.

Has anyone connected similar setup?
What are the settings for base to match the specific John Deere mrtk?

Is your Deere dual band? What StarFire is it?

RS+ is single band.

Where is your RS+ mounted?

Have you been able to achieve a fix?

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Additionally to @PotatoFarmer questions, how base and rover are connected to the Internet?

Not sure about single/dual band. Rover receiver is John Deere StarFire 6000.

The settings are in the video was the only way to achieve the signal, but it gets lost if rover moves away from base. And does not get reestablished.

Base is set in the open space with clear sky view. Base is connected to portable wifi transmission which is located under the tripod. Rover connects via sim card inside mrtk with the same internet provider.
Rover is also in the open area.
Could not achieve accuracy with “Receive Corrections” on. Don’t understand the logic behind this feature.

Starfire 6000 is L1/L2/L5

So your attempts with the RS+ will be limited to start. Try using another dual band receiver.

Try to determine the messages numbers that are sent from a commercial correction source that do fix with the receiver.

Most likely it is just dual band rtcm3 corrections.

Normally, using a single-band receiver like RS+ as a base should not yield a fix with a multi-band receiver as a rover. The good inexpensive solution would be an M2 with an external antenna set up as a base.

Then how do both connect to the NTRIP server? Is the vehicle connected through cellular? Is the base on WiFi?


Hi German,

I agree that single-band device can’t be a base for a multi-band one. Depending on the rover requirements, it may achieve Fix when it’s stationary. But in kinematic mode, when the rover is moving, data from a single-band base won’t be enough to maintain Fix.

I’d go with a multi-band base.


Thanks for your replies,

I just want to confirm that using RS2 as a base will solve our connection issue and it is more suitable for my needs.

And M2 can also be used as a base if used with antenna. M2 needs a power supply and internet connection.

Is there anything else I should purchase or know for setup?

Thank you all in advance

Nothing more than a power supply, GNSS antenna and Internet connection. But Reach M2 doesn’t have a thread, so you should think about how to place it on a tripod.

And protect it from water and dust as it doesn’t have a specific protection.

I have not fixed with Deere on Mrtk yet, so I cannot confirm.

I can confirm it fixes with Trimble. If Deere Mrtk can fix off regular RTCM3 there is a high chance of success.

Deere gps is much too expensive and closed system to cross integration at every level to make it worthwhile for me to integrate with.

But I am very interested in your results.


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