Connecting Reach over Bluetooth

Hi guys,

I have set up the Reach devices and want to send NMEA data over Bluetooth to my tablet. The Reaches do have Bluetooth right? How do I set it up as a solution output?



Bluetooth profile is a work in progress, not yet implemented.

Ok. We’re going to have to wait for the bluetooth functionality before we can use them.

What is your estimated/planned date for release (ballpark)?


I do not have an estimation right now. You can use TCP transfer to get data on the tablet. Connect your tablet to Reach hotspot and set output to TCP and IP address and PORT on your tablet. If you develop the app yourself getting NMEA from TCP is a fairly easy task.

I need to connect directly to the reach ReachView app with my phone. I previously configured reach for my wifi network per the Quick Start instructions. My understanding is this disables the reach hot spot. Is this not true? Can I still connect to the reach hot spot? I don’t see it in list of wifi networks anymore as I did during initial configuration.

Found it. I need to leave the proximity of my wifi network or turn it off and reach will once again automatically create its own hot spot. I couldn’t find that in the docs but maybe I missed it. If it’s not in the docs, it really needs to be. Right in the Quick Start.