Connecting Reach M+ with PX4

I’m fairly new to this kind of stuff so please bare with me.

I am using the new ‘Reach M+’ in conjunction with the holybro PX4 flight controller.

The emlid guide to connecting the Reach to a ardu pilot controller such as the PX4 shows a 6p-to-6p cable connecting straight to the serial 4/5 input of the PX4 controller as seen in the image below.

My issue is that the serial cable which came with the Reach unit doesnt have the correct connection on the flight controller end. Additionally the input connection differs between the Reach unit and the PX4 serial 4/5 so i don’t think the simple 6p-to-6p serial cable would suffice.

What are the correct cables required to connect the Reach M+ to the PX4?

Is it possible to use Reach M+ with PX4? I think that it should go to a GPS connector. I found this package, which contains correct PixHawk based on your order. If you have a PixHawk 2.1 you need to buy a connector for PixHawk 2.1. The same thing must be done for PixHawk 1. Did you found out a esolution for connection Reach M+ to PixHawk 2.1? I want to do the same thing. I will be very grateful for any advice.

Hi @jamesmyers,

Which PixHawk model do you use with Reach?
There are 2 cable for Reach to PixHawk connection in our store:

Hi @ligockiromek,

You need to connect Reach M+ to the GPS 2 port.

PX4 supports two GPS? If I will connect HERE2 to GPS1 port and Reach M+ to GPS2 it will work?

Hello @tatiana.andreeva, thanks for your reply,
I have checked the pixhawk controller model i have and it apparently has an M8N GPS serial port, I think this is consistent with the PixHawk 1 connection but am unsure. I have attached a link to where i bought my PX flight controller

Hi @jamesmyers,

It seems you need the cable for PixHawk 1 with DF13 connector.

Hi @ligockiromek,

I’m not sure whether PX4 works with dual GPS, but ArduPilot supports it.
I think you can use Reach as a first GPS in case the dual option isn’t supported in PX4 firmware.

Hello @tatiana.andreeva,
I have purchased the PixHawk 1 with DF13 connector though this does not seem to fit either.
The connector is the right size externally, however the probes from the PX4 dont fit into the DF13 connector. Do you have any advice on this?

Hi @jamesmyers,

According to the link you shared above, it seems that the PixHawk model you have is a replica of original PixHawk.

That might be a reason for connector incompatibility.

Why not use PX4 with the JST-GH connectors supplied with the Reach?

@RTK_Hunter the JST Gh connector doesn’t fit in the pixhawk as far as I’m aware

Sorry @jamesmyers I was not clear. I mean use the connection and wires supplied with the reach and solder/crimp to the correct fitting you need for the Pixhawk. Can you put up pictures of what you are describing?

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