Connecting Reach M+ with a tablet: network and stat led not burning

I want to connect the Emlid Reach M+ to an Android tablet.

For this I connected the Reach M+ with an USB cable and an OTG cable to the tablet. I am using the USB port of the Reach M+. Unfortunately the network and stat led don;t start burning. The power led does burn.

When I connect the Reach M+ with a pc then it does work. All led lights do burn then.

The same happens when I connect to the S1 port of the Reach M+.

Does anyone have ideas how to make the connection between the Reach M+ and a tablet function?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Hanno,

Would you mind specifying what you’d like to achieve with such integration?

Do I understand correctly that you’d like to power your Reach M+ from the Android tablet? I believe the power from the tablet might not be enough to make Reach M+ work.

Also, please make sure you don’t power Reach M+ from two sources simultaneously.

It is kind of easy what we try to achieve. We want to connect an antenna with the Reach M+ to an Android tablet to determine the exact position.

We do not power it from two sources. We tried to use the USB port and the S1 port in different times. Not at the same time.

I don’t know about the Reach M+, but other receivers we can power from the tablet without problem and they function. The Reach M+ does get power, because the power LED light is burning, but the network and stat led are not burning.

That is the problem, since then we can’t see what is happening inside the Reach M+.

So there are two questions:

Is it possible to power Reach M+ from an Android tablet? I think it should. But how to make it to have all functionality?

Tell me your ideas on this.

Hi Hanno,

Sorry for the delayed response!

The fact that both Network LED and the Stat LED don’t light up points out that Reach M+ doesn’t get enough power. Please, check other the ways to power Reach in this guide.

You can still, however, integrate Reach M+ with your tablet for the position output, for example, via Bluetooth. This guide might help you with such setup.

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