Connecting Navio2 Hat without seating/mounting to the RPI. WIRING?

Hello, I read the documentation and can’t see where it covers this. I need to connect the hat to the RPI but I can’t mount it due to the PI won’t be near the Navio2 for design reasons. Could someone tell the GPIO that needs to be connected from the PI4 to the Navio2?

Thanks in advance!

And Google “Raspberry GPIO ribbon cable”

Huge thanks for the reply, So it uses all of the ports? Later down the road, I need to be able to talk to other hardware outside of the flight controller via GPIO. Will this be possible?

Hi Caleb,

This ribbon cable should do the same job as a Navio2 extension header from the package but we have not tested such cables with Navio2. I can’t be sure that the long ribbon cable won’t affect the performance of the board.

All GPIO header pins except GP26 are reserved by Navio2 according to the pinout. However, you can operate the PWM outputs as GPIO as described in this guide.

Hmmm, maybe the Navio2 won’t work for me then. I need the RPI to communicate with other components via the CAN bus protocol and if the navio has almost all of the GPIO reserved then it probably won’t work for my use case.

Hi Caleb,

Navio2 uses SPI’s MISO, MOSI, CLK, CS and INT inputs, so it is not likely to directly integrate the CAN bus on top of RPI+Navio2 assembly.

As a workaround, I’d check the possibility to use the additional Raspberry Pi board for CAN bus emulation alongside the Navio2 mounted on another Raspberry Pi.

Thanks, Yeah I can’t run two pi’s due to power consumption I will look into other options.


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