Connecting Navio with USB

Is there a way other than the 3DR radio or bluetooth module to connect the Navio to APM planner for set up like USB or such?

Our favourite is over Wi-Fi ! You can use Ethernet as well.

ah yes. how much of a range do you usually get? is this a wifi network broadcasted from the pi or from a ground station?

would be great if someone could write a tutorial on setting up bluetooth and an ad-doc style wifi connection. there’s many out there already but it’s pretty messy. I just don’t have time to weed through it all and see what is relevant and using up to date methods. or even better if someone could provide images of navio2 +raspberry that includes these functions already. That’ll be a game changer.

Or simply how to utilize the built in bluetooth on the RPI 3.

Just set up the built in wifi as an AP and connect that way. Here’s my favorite tutorial:

Normally I have the built in wifi connect to my network, and then utilize a wifi dongle as an AP, but whatever. The brilliant thing about our rigs is that we can customize as we see fit; our own design :slight_smile:

Which makes me wonder: has anybody gone “war flying” with their rig? Just curious as to the results :wink: