Connecting hotshoe to Reach RTK


just got my Reach RTK unit and plan to connect it to a DSLR under my M600PRO.

Now, which pins on the Reach do I connect to the hotshoe to get the Reach triggered? Obviously the Reach ground connects to the hotshoe ground, that one is clear. But what about the trigger signal pin from the hotshoe? Do I connect it to the PWM or Time mark or any other pin?


Here is the connection scheme for Reach

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Updating this one as i assume your are the same person as on facebook.
You are asking for triggering camera, but this is usually done with e.g mission planner, Qplaner etc and depends on your auto pilot.
If tracking camera events and log position when camera has been triggered (your initial question on fcebook), the above pin layout should work.
For actually triggering the camera in a copter/plane you need to address your autopilot system. Not sure what you are using?

Yes the same one. Let me explain:

I use a M600PRO with a Nikon DSLR and trigger the DSLR trough the A3 controler of the M600PRO. So it flyes the mission and triggers the DSLR.

Now, when the A3 triggers my DSLR, I want the Reach RTK to record the position in it’s internal memory (or wherever it records it), so that I can do PPK later.

The hotshoe has to be somehow connected to the Reach. So, which pin of the Reach has to be connected to the hotshoe trigger pin to activate the Reach so that it writes down the position?

OK, so you got the trigger sorted out.
You need GND and TimeMark pin on Reach connected to hotshoe on your dslr.

Thnx a lot, that was the answer I was waiting for :slight_smile:

All the Best

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