Connecting high voltage servos with Navio2


On the project, I am working on for my university we want to control a parafoil with servos connected to the Navio2. The parafoil/servos won’t be controlled. It is autonomous.
We are working with HS-7954SH servos with the operating voltage range 6V-7.4V (
On the documentation for Navio2, it is said that for high voltage servos a power separation board should be used. I am new to electronics and I don’t really see what it is.
What do I need to do this? If I do this power separation board will I still need the BEC?


Hi @clarisse.velin,

The power separation board might look like this. It’s needed to create a separate line for the servo power as the Navio2’s servo rail won’t be able to handle voltage over 5.3V.

You will still need your BEC as the general setup doesn’t change. You only add this separation board to connect your servos to it instead of the servo rail on Navio2.

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